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Leather Gracie Triangle 5.5oz Sparring Gloves

Leather Gracie Triangle 5.5oz Sparring Gloves

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In a fight, whoever manages the distance, manages the damage that can be done! The one major shortcoming of regular jiu-jitsu sparring is the lack of consideration for the "striking distances" that happen so readily in street fights. Although regular sparring takes place every day at Gracie University Headquarters, students wear these 5.5 oz. gloves for "Street Sparring" at least once a week to ensure that their "distance management swords" remain sharp at all times. Whether you are training at a sport BJJ school or at a Gracie Garage, we recommend you do the same!

Check out the size chart for assistance.


• Gi - Cotton

• Belts - Cotton

• Rashguards - Polyester & Spandex

• Fight Shorts - Cotton, Polyester & Spandex

• Spats - Polyester & Spandex

• Gloves - Leather


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Care Instructions

For all Gi and NoGi equipment - Cold water machine wash with standard washing powders. A half a cup of white vinegar added will help remove an bad smells. Dry indoors to avoid fading from the sun.

For bags and gloves, damp cloth to be used to whipe the products clean.

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    We got you covered. Most competitions recommend that studends wear either white or blue Gi's for competitions. Also check with your school on their prefered Gi colours for beginners.

    NoGi competions prefer that Rashguards are worn based on rank. Example: White belts wear a white rank rashguard for beginner brackets.

  • NoGi for MMA

    MMA for beginners. We recommend that before your first class, get a pair of MMA/Grappling gloves, rashguards and fight shorts. Get that professional look with our wide range of Fight Shorts and Rashguards

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